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to service of the life!

Membership in the Angeles Medical Group Supports:

  • Open-door education meetings offered to
    the community free of charge on subjects such as latest research,
    treatment options, nutrition, and psycho-social needs.
  • Quarterly newsletter providing updates
    on latest research, legislation, and information pertaining to breast
    cancer and breast health.
  • Outreach screening and education of the uninsured and underserved.
  • The grassroots effort to find a cause ad cure.
  • The action network provides timely information on legislative alerts.
  • Partipation in project Lead which is an
    intense incidence course that prepares advocates to participate on
    research panels, steering committees, and investigational review boards.
  • Angeles Medical Group website is a
    centralized source of information, resources and support for the general
    public, survivors, caregivers, activist and healthcare professionals.

 What do we offer?

  1. Treatment in an assistance institution with a multidisciplinary
    team, free of charge and self fundable. With low  or no cost at all for
    the patient. It contributes to the high demand and benefits the poor
  2. Constant provision of integrated attention in our clinic for
    patients who suffer from the condition independently from their origin.

How YOU can help..

  1. Refer to our clinic all adult that you notice have cancer.
  2. Cooperate donating chemotherapy, surgical,  anesthetic, hospital material, adult’s clothing, etc.
  3. Providing economical voluntary support as often as you wish.
    Depositing to our bank account or sponsoring one or more chemotherapy
    treatment or surgical interventions.


The following has the
basic objective of providing information to all the people interested in
the well-being. Of the Guatemalan who suffer from health problems
affect a high percentage of adult whose families live in poverty or
extreme poverty 90% of them in the rural area. The health problem we
focus on is breast cancer, gastric cancer, cervix cancer and testicular

Breast cancer:
 has increased its frequency in Guatemala, requires of
multidisciplinary treatment with chemotherapy, surgery and radiotherapy,
discovered in early stages is curable. National cancer institute was
diagnosed 246 new cases of breast cancer.

Gastric cancer:
diagnoses almost always in stages advanced. The treatment is expensive,
and requires important nutritional support. Most of patients they are
economically active people. in national cancer institute diagnoses two
cases of gastric cancer to the day.

Cevical cancer: Cancer
that forms in tissues of the cervix (the organ connecting the uterus
and vagina). It is usually a slow-growing cancer that may not have
symptoms but can be found with regular Pap tests (a procedure in which
cells are scraped from the cervix and looked at under a microscope).

Testicular cancer: 
is a highly treatable, often curable, cancer that usually develops in
young and middle-aged men. Testicular cancer is broadly divided into
seminoma and nonseminoma types for treatment planning because seminomas
are more sensitive to radiation therapy. For patients with seminoma (all
stages combined), the cure rate exceeds 90%. For patients with
low-stage disease, the cure rate approaches 100%

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