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The Asociation for Integral Development (Asociación de Desarrollo Integral) -CRECE-, as a service prodider organization, in order to the guidelines of the Guatemala National Political Constitution, Gov. Plan 2000-2004, the Health Plan 2,000-2,004, the Peace Agreements and normatives of the International Plan, Scientific Development and Technological Desarrollo Científico y Tecnológico
Nacional Decreto 63-91) and the legislation of the Integral System of Health presents the project of Training and Assistance en Health Education named: “Capacitación en Enfermería Oncológica”. // Training on Oncology Nursing.

Such project involves a great effort from our technical team. The analysis contributed to the revision and publication in which was presented several experiences of our 10 year trajectory, regarding education and service to adults in developed countries by our company. This collection of experiences allows us to present a contextual frame based on the primary indicators of human evolution and development. This leads to organizing experiences of training young teams and adults specially in health and organizations in this region of the country where other elements have been included, especially involving women working on different strategies for team work on productive and professional activities. Our method involves practical techniques around "learn by doing", learn to learn, and also learn to live with others. This relates to our compromise with life, access to information and knowledge, also to the empowering of democracy as a way of life, tolerance and peace.

The full development of a human being is the fundamental stone to construct a global state of well being, specially on countries such as ours, countries with statistics tainted with poverty and social exclusion. The generally accepted stragegy to promote and empower the human development, peace and integral society is the education.

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