Our services

  • Medical diagnostic in oncology, radiotherapy, surgery, gynecology, internal - general medicine, diabetes, cardiology, physical disabilities, rehabilitation and physiotherapy, nutrition and psychology.
  • We have our own clinical laboratory, radiotherapy, radiology, electrocardiograms and pharmacy
  • Oncology Club
  • Also the Organization CRECE for the Regional Oncology Study and Research.

  • Preparation of pharmaceutical products
  • Guaranties on quality by recommendation of the OMS
  • Early Detection of Cancer program
  • Electrocardiography clinic, endoscopy and diabetic feet
  • Diabetic Patient's Club
  • Assistance of Health projects
  • Connection in line between Méxio and EEUU

We have more than 10 years of experience regarding preventive evaluation of:

  • Cancer risk
  • Surgical risk
  • Cardiac risk
  • Laboratory evaluations
  • Environmental and family risks
  • Metabolic risks

Para cualquier información llamar la 23857572 de lunes a viernes de 11:00 a 18:00. coordinadoragrupoangeles@hotmail.com

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